20’ High Security Office Container Specs

  • 20’x8’ Storage Container with partition inside cargo doors
  • 17’x8’ of usable office space
  • Cargo Doors fully close at the end of the day, leaving no doors or windows exposed
  • Fabricated from ground level, steel shipping containers
  • Insulated Ceilings and Walls
  • Commercial Steel Door
  • Window with Burglar Bars
  • 120V A/C
  • Interior wall plugs and breaker box
  • Fluorescent interior lights
Walking into a 20’x8’ office space custom built out of a storage container fully furnished in Lubbock, TX
Looking out from the desk inside a storage container that has been converted into office space in Lubbock, TX
20’ Storage Container interior complete with walls, electrical, carpet and desk space
Exterior view of a 20’ jobsite office in Lubbock with the cargo doors open to show the door, window and air conditioner
Exterior view of a 20’ storage container with one cargo door open